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Why Choose Peel Valley Software

We offer a complete range of computing services for you and your business

Fast Loading

With our servers sitting on a 1 Gigabit internet connection, your website will be fast and reliable.

Free Call Support

Call during normal business hours for a personalised service and easy resolution to your problems.


From custom Office macros and Website design to the developement of a program for your business.


With years of networking experience we can help you design, manage and maintain your network be it one site or multiple sites.


We can design, manage and maintain your servers with 24hr monitoring and remote management in the cloud or onsite.


Peel Valley Software has extensive experience in all major software, operating systems and server platforms as well as Desktop software.

Website Hosting and Server Hosting

Website and Cloud Solutions, customised to your needs

WordPress Hosting

Run By Our Experienced Team Of Wordpress Developers And Enthusiasts! Sign Up Now 24/7 Website Monitoring · Security Threat Detection · Monthly Updates .

Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Servers hosted in the cloud giving a reduced cost of ownership and can be accessed from anywhere.

Dedicated Server

Have your dedicated server hosted online giving lower cost of ownership with greater security and higher reliability

Peel Valley Software

Has your programming needs covered, whether it is for your website, converting your current operations to web base for greater access or create a custom application for your business, we can help.

Our Services

Peel Valley Software has a wide range of experience in the following fields.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

We offer a personalised Web hosting service whether for your Personal or Business needs

Website Design
Website Design

Let us create your website for you whether it is for an online shop, advertising or to run your business from, we can help.

Server Hosting
Server Hosting

We can host your servers online regardless of the size of server required or volume of data needed we have a custom solution for you.

Application Design
Application Design

We can design and develop an application for your specific needs to make your business run more efficiently and effectively.